Friday, 1 September 2017

Huge Mature Pandan plants for sale in Sydney!

It's the second day of spring and I am very excited - the weather is warming up and my pandan has been growing so well I have it ready for sale! And then some!

Actually I am super excited because I have also found some new recipes with pandan  (see link below):

Growing pandan in Sydney is possible with a little care and special attention during the cooler times of the year. It is important to keep them dry when its cool. For the rest of the year, they love lots of water and sunshine and grow very rapidly.

I've been reading the recently bartenders have been adding pandan leaves to cocktails for a great twist - read more about it here:

Pandan are available in 2 sizes - 200mm pots - 1-3 plants per pot - (please contact us for prices)
                                                     250mm pots - several plants per pot

Please note: These plants have mature growth and therefore ready for cooking. Smaller plants have leaf sizes unsuitable for cooking and thus will need to be grown for a number of years prior to reaching maturity - hence I only grow and sell mature plants.

Each purchase comes with a 3-page growing guide for pandan in cooler areas. Pick up is from Petersham, Sydney.

Please note these plants tend to sell out, especially around Christmas - get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Enquiries welcome 0420 597 796


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