Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Discovered - climbing frangipani in inner-city Sydney

I've talked about this plant before in my blog. It was small and spindly; I thus assumed that it was one of those "survives but never thrives" tropicals that abound in Sydney (think Ixora, Plumeria obtusa ect - tropicals that will stay alive, push out a few leaves each year before the next winter hits). Then I spotted a huge vine covered in flowers in the parking lot of a local shopping centre. In fact, it is so robust that I couldn't even photograph it all - all I managed was a small side-view shot:

A close up of the flower - the perfume is similar to that of the frangipani

Luckily, there were a few branches overhanging the fence - perfect cutting material!


  1. I like the part where you described the overhanging vine as 'perfect cutting material' Such a useful euphemism :D I will remember to use this phrase if necessary. Plant fanatics are always up to this type of antics.

    1. hehe yes, I always have a bag and scissors ready in the car for any lucky plant 'spotting'. Most times I do ask the residents if I can take a cutting (I really do!!). I have thought about carring a machete in the car for big finds but I can't see that being a good look the new time I get pulled over for a random breath test!

    2. You do have big ambitions, anyway much bigger than mine! A friend of mine who resort to such secateur-happy antics refer to this activity as trimming off those unwieldy, straggly branches. She even have the audacity to insist that she is actually doing the owner a big favour. Anyway "Happy Secateuring" :D


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