Sunday, 1 July 2012

Garden helpers

I have been annoyed by some recent chewing from some mystery insect tearing everything apart in the garden. Being winter, the plants don't grow and a plant can be easily decimated in no time. To make matters worse, they only seem to chew on the new foliage - ensuring the unsightly holes stay around for some time. Worst affected has been my acalyphas:

Unfortunately, the critters responsible have been very cagey and eluded discovery for some time. That was before I enlisted the help of Milton, a furry feline whose specialty is catching lizards, chasing fluttering leaves and general insect hunting.

Milton poised high in the acalypha observing for any nasty insect action

After some waiting, we identified the leaf muncher:

I'll spare you the details of the grasshopper's demise. It was, however, a small victory for me over the nasty creatures which can seriously upset gardeners. No matter what time of year, there are snails, caterpillars, strange little bugs I can't identify and now grasshoppers all competing to make a tasty treat of my plants. Despite being surrounded by birds, the local avian population prefer to scavenge in the streets to eating bugs. With Milton by my side, however, I do feel I have another weapon in the fight against these garden terrorists.


  1. I understand your predicament regarding these unwelcome guests to your garden. I have a fair share of them. I love the photo of Milton totally absorbed with the task at hand. A very useful pussy.

  2. Adam, I share your opinion of grasshoppers, but I am a bit worried that this could be a case of mistaken identity. The 'grasshopper' in your photo seems to have the grasping front legs of a predator, rather than a 'hopper's' back legs. It looks like a mantis, a good friend to the gardener.


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