Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Good roots & scavengers

Lately, I have been paralyzed by indecision in the garden. I get in there with a series of intended tasks but before long I stall. The problem is really quite simple - I have too many plants.

 I have no room for this running bamboo. Having had it since I was a child, however, I can't part with it

The problem has various causes. Firstly, I inherited someone else's plants when we moved in here - many of which where nice but had outgrown their allotted space or didn't fit in with my intended landscaping. As I've always believed throwing away plants was something sacrilegious, I held on to them until I could rehouse them. In addition, the climate in this part of Sydney is milder than that of where I used to garden, so plants grow much faster and bigger here. Add to this sick plants given to me by friends and family and combine it with a garden 4 . 2m wide and you get the picture - chaos!

Consequentially, too many plants mean too much time wasted shifting them around. I spend more and more time thinking about how to get rid of plants rather than enjoying the garden. So  a few months ago I had a 'lightbulb moment'  -  I collected a few, placed them on the curb and stuck a sign that said "Free Plants". The idea worked well - by nightfall most had disappeared.

Now to give a bit of context, whatever I've put on the curb - old boxes, broken crates, cracked pots, half-decayed planks of wood unearthed while digging - generally disappear in hours. To prove the point, when my partner showed me one of our ceramic baking trays was cracked and useless, I put it on the curb - you guessed it -like clockwork it had gone by the next morning. In fact, the only time I can't get rid of rubbish is when I call the Council to collect it  (they never do). Luckily the Garbage Fairy never fails to take whatever is out there.

                                       Broken and useless, someone took it home

Having felt content with my 'good deed' of recycling plants, you can imagine my disappointment when, a few days ago, someone returned the plants all dying and sad !:

A lime tree, toparised fig and some other unidentifiable plant, taken green and healthy, have been returned dead and broken.

Oh well. I did try :) 

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