Thursday, 19 April 2012

White Allamanda - allamanda cathartica

Gardening in a marginal climate has many surprises. Sometimes, even pleasant ones. One such surprise is my Allamanda cathartica 'Alba', or the White Allamanda. This plant has flowered very well for me, despite our cool and wet summer - even performing better than the common yellow variety:

The bloom is a creamy-white color and is smaller than the yellow or pink varieties.

The plant likes a sunny position with plenty of water (as with most allamandas). My one is in partial shade and still blooming prolifically.

Allamanda "Siam Snow" was released onto the market in 2009 and is still relatively uncommon. It is smaller growing than the other types but a prolific bloomer - definitely one that deserves a place in any garden!


  1. It is magnificent. I've never seen the white one!

  2. Hi Bernie
    It is really pretty and very vigorous. I am happy to propagate it for you when the weather warms up if you like.

    I also have a double yellow which is also rare.


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