Monday, 23 January 2012

Frangipani - 'Bali Whirl'

My 'Bali Whirl' Frangipani is blooming for the first time:

It's fragrance is identical to that of  'Celadine'  (otherwise known as 'Common Yellow') and while other plumeria varieties have slightly different leaf shape (i.e. more paddle-shaped) or different shades of green, the leaves of 'Bali Whirl' are also identical to that of 'Celadine'. It is only when it blooms does the difference become apparent.

This is the only double variety of Frangipani and is relatively hard to find. I recall the first time I saw it, it was in the headdress of a Balinese dancer. I remember thinking; "They've torn the petals of those frangipani flowers" when in fact it was just that they used this variety.

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